La IBSPA attraverso la piattaforma GoFundMe ha avviato una campagna di raccolta fondi a sostegno della nostra fase di start-up. Molti sono stati i grandi nomi che hanno deciso di supportarci durante questa fase: Joe Biagini, Drew Butera, Francisco Cervelli, Chris Denorfia, Daniel Descalso, Joey Gallo, Jason Grilli, Steve Grilli, Chris Iannetta, Mike Napoli, Adam Ottavino e Pat Venditte.

"I am expanding my love and respect for my heritage. I was blessed to have a great MLB career and have helped grow baseball in Italia. After playing in the World Baseball Classic (WBC), and visiting my roots, I am passionate about helping develop baseball abroad, as well as here in the USA even more. Globalization of the game continues and there are a ton of players who love our game too!
If it is in your heart to donate $1 or more, you will aid efforts towards improving current work conditions for the Italian baseball, softball, and blind league players as well as the fields they play on. Also, it will encourage the youth to have more opportunity to potentially become an MLB superstar like here in the USA.
My hope is that one day, those who contribute, will see the efforts and passion of those who formed this organization's vision. There is a lot of history to absorb when you visit Italy. Well we are focused to making history happen again!!!I hope that those who love and respect our game of baseball, like we do, will one day enjoy a great espresso and cannoli while attending a game.Italia continues to impress and has progressed each time they represent the motherland in the WBC by upsetting many of the baseball powerhouses.
Thank you your consideration and hope to speak to you all soon.

Grazie mille,
- Jason Grilli"

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Questa è la campagna GoFundMe necessaria supportare la IBSPA nella fase di start-up in condizioni di totale indipendenza e auto-finanziamento.