We recently learned that FIBS has made the possibility of subscribing to supplementary insurance available for athletes and umpires.

We are happy to see that after five years from our original proposal and three years after our foundation’s formation, the Italian Baseball Softball Federation (FIBS) have also come to realize that these athletes must be better protected.

IBSPA have been protecting its members for three seasons with an extremely effective and detailed insurance coverage that provides, among other things, the reimbursement of therapies and minor accidents even without days of hospitalization. This shows that we are working in the right direction.

We hope that those who decide to approach this type of solution do not base their choice exclusively on the amount of the insurance premium (slightly higher in our case) but on the actual coverage dedicated to them.

We would also like to point out that the IBSPA offers a wide range of services in addition to insurance. We also provide legal protection (already used by various athletes in 2020), support in relations with teams and FIBS, and most importantly, the opportunity to be part of a movement that for the first time in the history of Italian Baseball and Softball gives athletes the opportunity to decide on some aspects of the competition and create a better path for future generations of Italian ballplayers.

– Board of Directors IBSPA


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